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Самодельный ручной окучник (Homemade handmade horn)

Самодельный ручной окучник (Homemade handmade horn) 00:12:01
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Hand tool for potatoes planting in furrow and hilling. Classical plow works for trimming and turnover layer. Unlike classical plow,double sided dump fulfilled completely opposite,which is reduces traction strength. V-shaped cultivator,which installed befor dump,obviously,increases traction resistance,but it compensated by running stability,since the dump is not in the monolith,but along the cut-through furrow,that is,we can talk about the two blade.variable load ballast from 10 to 15kg allows entry at different depths,on different soils,and at the row spacing from 45-60 cm. and do it without an assistant. The person cannot keep the tool so stable at depth,especially in motion.Just like planting,in the autumn,after harvest,fertilizers are applied to the soil. Tool in work since 2011.It"s ef...

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Длительность материала: 00:12:01
Автор: Владимир Lamaster
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